Neft Magistral processes gas and natural gas liquids at three gas processing plants (GPPs) in West Siberia, Timan-Pechora and Volga regions.


Neft Magistral sells crude oil, gas and petroleum products in the domestic and international markets, driving optimal distribution of flows to fit the market.


Neft Magistral sells the bulk of petroleum products in the retail market via its well-diversified distribution network of filling stations in 18 countries.

About us

Over the years of work at the energy market Neft Magistral has won the reputation of a reliable petroleum product supplier. The Company sells its products in large and small bulk to more than 24 countries and is Russia's second largest manufacturer.

Quality Management

Neft Magistral is fully committed to constantly improving safety at its facilities and reducing accident, industrial injury, and occupational disease rates.

Health & Safety

A safety culture at Neft Magistral is based on personal responsibility of each employee and the involvement of all Company employees & contractors.

Environment Management

The efficient use of natural resources, and a responsible attitude to the environment, form an important part of our philosophy.


In the development of the Neft Magistral group of fields, Neft Magistral applies the most advanced technologies and best practices of the international oil producing industry. SPD actively applies state of the art process solutions both in well construction and oil production as well as in industrial safety, environmental protection, social responsibility, personnel learning and development.

For efficient fluid production and injection process control, the company executes a Well and Reservoir Management project focused on developing systemic approaches and ensuring a sustainable nature of field development. Within the scope of this project Neft Magistral , for the first time in Russia and in Shell, has implemented the innovative Smart Field technology which assists in remote control.

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