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Neft Magistral is the head scientific center of PJSC Gazprom in the field of geology , field development , production , transportation , underground storage and processing of gas and gas condensate


Neft Magistral has formulated a strategy reaching beyond the year 2025. This is an important endeavor to fully develop the company. In this strategy, the vision of the company is “Being a leading corporation in Russia’s refining & petrochemical industry.”


This is the most important mission of Neft Magistral. It is committed to meet the oil production demands of all Russian industries. This will help to minimize the negative impact of global oil fluctuations on Russia.


Neft Magistral honors commitments and behaves in accordance with the highest ethical standards. We ensure compliance with the principles and regulations in operations and production. We continuously enhance the value to stakeholders



Customers as companions through faithfulness and value co-creation

Human Capital

Human capital is the driving force of every success & advancement

Operational excellence

Management and production excellence by the continuous improvement of expertise

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