Neft Magistral sell jet fuel in bulk and "into plane" to more than 30 airports of the Russian Federation and outside of Russia through a network of own subsidiaries, as well as under contracts with third-party fueling companies Besides, Neft Magistral sells jet fuel as part of stock trading on a monthly basis. Major Russian and foreign air carriers have been primary consumers of products for many years.

Fueling companies of the Neft Magistral also provide lab quality control services in the airports of their presence on a contractual basis.

Cutting-edge equipment and fueling techniques, as well as qualified personnel guarantee high quality of products and services.

On the basis of refueling complexes, the quality control of aviation fuel and a number of other aviation fuels and special fluids is carried out in the process of receiving, storing, preparing for delivery for refueling and refueling aviation fuels and lubricants in aircraft.

Neft Magistral sells jet fuel in bulk on the territory of the Russian Federation and to international partners in Europe and Asia.

The supplied aviation fuel complies with the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union "On Requirements for Motor and Aviation Gasoline, Diesel and Marine Fuel, Jet Fuel and Fuel Oil" TR TS 013/2011 and GOST 10227-86 with subsequent amendments.